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AUDIO + LYRICS: Sage The Gemini – Guantanamera ft Trey Songz



New song from Sage The Gemini featuring Trey Songz and its titled “Guantanamera”. Download and Enjoy.



(Chorus – Sage The Gemini)
She always complaining, she say I’m a player
Cars stupid fast, goodbye to my haters
Balling at the gym, now who wanna play us
Got a bad bi**h, Guntanamera
Whooa Guntanamera
Whooa Guntanamera
Whooa Guntanamera
Hey, hey, Guntanamera
(Verse 1 – Sage The Gemini)
Guntanamera we in Venezuela
I don’t know her name but I know where she came from
House so big I can’t see my neighbors
I grab em and pass em, you try to save em
Whoa Guntanamera
Riding through the hood, you know I be skating
Tiptoeing’ in my Jordans soon as I lace em
Spent in all at the mall, it was Vuitton
Now I’ma go crazy, now baby you know that your looks are deceiving
I tell all these girl that I’m rich and don’t need em and no one believes me
These ni**a’s be mad, I be catching their baby girl looking and peeping
Take her home then I beat it till she sleeping, sleeping
(Repeat Chorus)
(Verse 2 – Trey Songz)
Pull up in a Benz screaming f**k a hater
And ni**a I’da f**ked your bi**h on an elevator
Ni**a I’da tell your bi**h I’ma f**k her later
And she gon’ only get this d**k, not no f**king paper
Vamanos, knock em all down like dominoes
Then I tell em adios
If you got a bad bi**h and she s**k a good d**k
Better lock her pu**y down and you call it Guantanamo
Huh, that pu**y tryna run, call that cardio
This gon be a lot of fun, moon turn to the sun
We gon get it to tomorrow
Spend a couple car notes on a couple bottles
Yo the rich s**t don’t end
You don’t wanna roll all along, tell your homies come on
And it’s on, I’ma hit your friend
I’m cool with it if you cool with it
If you s**k, spit and you drool with it
And I’ma be up in the hole all day
Guantanamo bay, Trey
(Repeat Chorus)

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