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GIST : Thugs Break Into Church, Urinates In Holy Water



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Police are looking to arrest a group of thugs who broke into a church to urinate into holy water, police in the United Kingdom said. Sunderland police said that the vandals broke church windows in order to gain access to the church before urinating in the holy water.
According to Scoop,the incident unfolded at the St. Mary’s Roman Catholic Church located on Bridge Street. Once inside the church the vandals used fire extinguishers to break down the doors.
A priest at the church identified as Father Marc Lyden-Smith, said that when he arrived in the morning, he smelled urine in the holy water.
He also said that nothing was missing from the church after the attack on Thursday. Volunteers arrived on Thursday, and they cleaned up the damage caused by the thugs. The holy water was replaced. So far, no arrests have been made.

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