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MP3: Kodie Shane – Love & Drugz II Ft. Trippie Redd



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Kodie Shane Love Drugz II Trippie Redd Mp3 Download

Kodie Shane Love Drugz II – The amorphous entity that is Kodie Shane refuses to choose her final form. Her counterpart Trippie Redd is not alone in his thoughts, or so he believed. On “Love & Drugz II” Kodie and Trippie hope with fingers crossed their solipsistic projections will materialize in the studio. You be the judge.

As the title suggests, Kodie and Trippie mirror each other’s fascination with mood-enhancing drugs, which they figure will accelerate the love-making experience. They are not completely wrong.

Trippie Redd & Kodie Shane Defy The Unbearable Cost Of Sobriety On “Love & Drugz II”
The new single, produced by OZ (on the beat) pushes Trippie into familiar territory. The alt-rapper cries “murder she wrote,” in a whiny vocal tone, that at once communicates a direct message, and misheard remarks. If you listen haphazardly the chorus can be reworked as “Love & Trust.”

The notion of trust isn’t entirely inapplicable to “Love & Drugz II” or Kodie Shane’s love/hate relationship. Kodie & Trippie both allude to the risky proposition of letting drugs negotiate the terms of their relationship, so in a sense “Love & Drugz II” is defined by trust, whether they know it or not.

DOWNLOAD MP3: Kodie Shane – Love & Drugz II Ft. Trippie Redd HERE

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