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Token Flamingo Mp3 – Since we last heard from the dexterous Token, he was delivering some bars courtesy of the Though he has no doubt set his mind to various endeavors in the interim, “Flamingo” arrives complete with a welcome visual component, during which the animated emcee holds confession in an abandoned chapel. “She go down torpedo,” he raps, “I get long-neck like flamingo.” Every day, it seems as if rappers find new similes to describe the act of fellatio; curiously, many of which remain zoological in nature.


In any case, Token proceeds to display a clever ear for references, stringing together imagery with meticulous attention to detail. Exuberant in nature, his flashy delivery may not settle with everyone. Should you count yourselves among that group, it seems unlikely that Token cares in the slightest; the man has cultivated himself a loyal following, and his flow is undeniably razor-sharp. Are ya’ll riding for him? Sound off below.

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