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SAD: See The Village Where Almost Everyone Has Sold One Of Their Kidneys For Money



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Believe it or not, the villagers of Hokse, Nepal, are so poor that they’re forced to sell their own organs in order to make ends meet. The practice is so common there that the place has been nicknamed ‘Kidney Village’.
Oddity Centralreports that organ brokers regularly visit the village and its surrounding areas and convince cash-strapped locals to part with one of their healthy kidneys. These agents are notorious for tricking innocent villagers into traveling to Southern India to have their operations .
They cook up all sorts of tales, telling the poor villagers that humans only need one kidney for survival or that the organ, once removed, will grow back!
Not all organ traffickers are kind enough to wait for the villagers’ consent. Sometimes victims are kidnapped and forced to undergo operations. Or, they may be duped into believing that they need some other kind of operation, and the kidney is removed without their knowledge. Some victims are even murdered for both their kidneys. The ‘harvested’ organs are sold to wealthy recipients for up to six times the amount that the donor receives.

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